Playa Vista Orthodontics is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 92 reviews from around the Web.
Great people. They need to know They patients more i believe .
Dr. Courtney Ray really is the best!! She looks like a kid but when she starts talking you know she really knows her stuff. I had complete confidence in...
I was an Invisalign patient and within one year, my teeth were exactly where I wanted them. Dr. Ray uses the most...
Several times each month, someone comments to me "your teeth are so perfect!" Thank you Dr. Ray & staff.
Dr. Ray and staff at Playa Vista Orthodontics are amazing! First- if you have ANY hesitation to move forward with Invisalign...STOP! I often conduct...
Playa Vista Ortho is by far the BEST!!! I started my journey to a perfect smile with Playa Vista Ortho going into my 8th grade year (middle school). From the...
Dr. Courtney Ray is the best!! She is so easy to talk to and definitely knows her stuff. I have a slight case of TMJ so I wanted to make sure to go to the...
As a patient since 2011, I have nothing but positive things to say about Playa Vista Orthodontics!The front desk staff are friendly, courteous and helpful.It starts at the top.
Dr Ray was so Amazing! The staff was so welcoming. It makes me sad to say that its over. I would definitely recommend anyone to them.
Playa Vista Orthodontics provides exceptional value! They...
I love this place! From start-to-finish they were meticulous about their work. PLUS (and this is a big "plus") they gave me a bag of microwave popcorn and...
I am so pleased with Dr. Rey and her team at Playa Vista Orthodontics. I had Invisalign and absolutely loved my journey. They have become a second family to...
I have nothing but positive words to say about Playa Vista Orthodontics. As an adult, who wasn't wearing my retainer, my teeth started to shift. Immediately...
She is current, skilled, passionate, kind and dedicated. As are all of her staff. After less than a year we moved to Temecula.
Dr. Ray and her team are the best for their professionalism, dedication and care in all my visits. I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent job...
Service with a smile!Dr.Ray at Playa Vista Orthodontics is great. My daughter and I both had our braces done. I think this is great.
Dr Ray and her team at Playa Vista Orthodontics have been amazing. My daughter has been going to Dr Ray for over two years .
Dr. Ray, the entire lovely staff at Playa Vista Orthodontics and these two pictures taken 14 months apart are the reason for my Outstanding rating - and my amazing smile.
My daughter loves this office. She needed extensive orthodontic work and has been going here nearly 3 years. Five Stars!!!!
Dr. Ray is so amazing! When my braces came off I felt like I had 32 veneers!