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When it comes to braces, the image that comes to the minds of most people is an awkward teenager walking around with a mouth full of clunky, uncomfortable metal wires and brackets. Fortunately, thanks to one advance after another, today’s braces are anything but clunky and uncomfortable. Whether it’s braces like Invisalign that are virtually invisible or striking gold braces that serve as a statement of one’s style and confidence, it’s clear orthodontics have come a long way over the past century.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common type. They are made of high-grade stainless steel. Today’s metal braces are smaller, more comfortable and more attractive.

Clear Braces

Ceramic braces are made of translucent (clear) material. They are most popular with adult patients, due to their cosmetic appeal. The only drawback to ceramic brackets are that they are more fragile, and the elastic ties can discolor between orthodontic visits.

Gold Braces

While in years past most orthodontic patients wanted to hide their braces as much as possible, today’s trend is just the opposite. For those who are proud of the metal in their mouth and want to use it as a compliment to their style and fashion, gold braces are all the rage with today’s younger generation. Not only do they look great and serve as a great conversation piece, but gold braces are also very practical in that the metal is very durable, making it ideal for orthodontics.

Orthodontic Innovations in Braces

When patients are told they need braces, they automatically assume the equipment used will be just as it was many years ago. However, that is not the case in today’s orthodontic world. Metals and brackets are now much smaller and more lightweight than ever before, allowing patients to have a much more pleasant experience. Other benefits include:
Multiple colors
Tooth-colored bonding adhesives
Clear brackets and braces
Faster treatment plans
While many patients welcome braces as a way to make their teeth straight and beautiful, they naturally want the treatment to go as quickly as possible. This is yet another advantage of today’s orthodontic innovations, since many of the materials used today result in far less mouth irritation and soreness. In years past, this resulted in prolonged treatment plans, forcing patients to endure additional discomfort. However, by focusing instead on patient comfort, modern orthodontics can be a much quicker process.

Free Consultations

Like many other professionals today, orthodontists are more than happy to provide free consultations to those who may be seeking treatment. Whether it’s a question about the many different types of braces, their cost, or how long the treatment plan will last, for those patients in Westchester braces offer more options than ever before. By scheduling a free consultation today, patients can begin to have peace-of-mind knowing they have taken an important decision that will impact them then not only in the here and now, but also in the years to come.